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Underpinning is another guaranteed method we use at Royal Palms Construction llc. to treat sinkholes. It is the least invasive, safest, and quickest procedure.

With underpinning, we first attach solid steel brackets to your foundation. We use hydraulics to drive the brackets deep into the bedrock for a secure hold. Once the piers are secured into the bedrock foundation, we can drive the structure back up to its original level, eliminating the sinkhole. This method works for large and small structures.

Chemical Grouting

Chemical grouting uses high pressure injection to create a solid foundation beneath the building. We use two types of chemical grouting: structural for stabilizing a structure and water control. Chemical grout permeates the ground and seeps into any weak spaces. It binds granular soil together, strengthening the foundation to support the building while allowing water to flow naturally through the soil.

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